Share draft accounts are a traditional source of fee income for financial institutions. In fact, some institutions have reported as much as half of their income as having been “earned” through fees.  At Knoxville Teachers Federal Credit Union, the thinking is that “fees” is a four-letter word and should be avoided unless a direct cost to the credit union has been caused by a member.  In fact, KTFCU annually takes in less than 1/10th of 1% of its total income through fees.  To see the exact source of our fee income, take a look at our fee schedule below.

Account Inquiries$0.00 per inquiry
Administration Fees$0.00 per month
Below Minimum Balance Fee$5.00 per month
Certified Checks$0.00 first 6 checks, $3.00 additional
Check Copies – Electronic$0.50 per item *
Checking Account$0.00 per month (Regular)
Checking Account$10.00 per month (Probation)
Check Copies – Printed$3.00 per item
Domestic Wire Transfer$4.00 per item *
Dormant Account Fee$0.00 per month
Inactivity Fees$0.00 per month
International Wire TransferStarting at $25.00 per item *
Management Fees$0.00 per month
Overdrafts/Returned Items$25.00 per item (Probation)
Overdrafts/Returned Items$10.00 per item (Regular) *
Remote Deposit Transfer$0.00 per item
Remote Transfer Exception Fee$5.00 per incident *
Remote Transfer Failed Account Validation$5.00 per incident *
Returned ACH$10.00 per item *
Returned Check Deposit Fee$30.00 per item
Share Draft Printing FeeStarting at $19.63 per box *
Share Transfers$0.00 per transfer
Statement Copies – Electronic$0.50 per statement
Statement Copies – Printed$3.00 per statement
Stop Payment Order$3.00 per item *
Transfer to another Financial Institution$0.00 per transfer
Transfer to another Membership account$0.00 per transfer

*  Cost to the credit union

** Varies depending on style selected